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My name is Lucie and I am a VTW recognized Coach for The Work of Byron Katie.


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"I first met Lucie approximately two years ago. By the time I was losing myself and came to a conclusion that I have to change something in my life. The Work with Lucie gave me the oppurtunity to look at my life from a different perspective! To turn inside and find my answers there. However that requires huge amount of courage and patience. Courage to uncover all of those uncomfortable memories and dive deeper to the real cause of a problem... but also the patience of the coach that guides your through this process. Lucie is very sensitive and emphatic and coaching with her is always pleasant and full of love. Trust in coach in moments when you touch those scary memories from the past is very crucial for me.   The Work with Lucie helped me to look at myself and understand that all my suffering comes from my own personal story. At the end of each coaching session I always felt relief and sometimes I have to laugh at myself, when I finally see how absurd it was. The Work with Lucie is liberating. It´s the way to understand yourself and find the answers that set you free and make you feel better. No momentarily, but for the rest of your life because the transformation inside cannot be undone, it´s in you."   (Kateřina Dudová, Czech Republic)  

Kateřina Dudová, Czech Republic
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  "I can recall very clearly when we met for the first time. I was sitting on a sofa eyes closed. Lucie asked me questions and then she was waiting patiently for my answers. „In total silence, in deep stillness, you will find the Truth... don´t hurry“ was her words of encouragement. My thoughts in my head were like crazy! It was confusing. I was waiting. I was listening to the inner dialogue. But after a while, deep inside of me... I found the Truth. I fully realized that my thoughts aren´t real. That they fight with reality. It is like it is. Tears started falling down of my cheeks. All the heaviness from the past 9 years fell off of me. Everything I believed was true is not. My fear, problems and expectations disappeared. They´re gone. Suddenly I felt completely free and happy. It changed my whole life – my realtionship, my friendships, just everything. Interestingly enough by being happy with myself, everybody around me seemed to change. What a discovery!!!   I´m so grateful that I found this new way with Lucie!!! Thank you."   (Zuzana Mantei, Hamburg, Germany)  

Zuzana Mantei, Hamburg, Germany
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  "From the time I discovered and started practicing The Work I have a peaceful point of reference inside of me so even when I face some sort of stressful situation I can remain calm and centered. Everyday practice with The Work is now my necessary psychological hygiene... just like I use shower for the physical hygiene. My coaching has become deeper and more effective. In my romantic relationship (we both practice The Work) I experience more and more intimacy, deeper connection and freedom. The feeling of danger and uncertainty which I experienced all my life weakens and my trust in life skyrockets. The Work brings so much ease into my life that I couldn´ even imagine it before.   I met Lucie at the Coach for The Work training where we were both participants. I highly appreciate how much she´s motivated, how she lives and breaths the method and how effecively she uses The Work with her clients. In her coaching I especially adore her strong presence, sensibility and emphatic understanding even in the most tense situations. I like to practice The Work with her... it´s very enriching for me. I love sharing and exchanging my experience with her."   (Klaus Weyler, Managementcoach, Hannover, Germany)    

Klaus Weyler, Hannover, Germany
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